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Vive Crop Protection and Marrone Bio Innovations form joint agreement

New biological and chemical products are on the way.

Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc., (MBI) a firm that offers bioprotection and plant health solutions, and Vive Crop Protection, which offers what it terms Precision Chemistry solutions, are joining forces to offer products that combine biological and chemistry solutions featuring Vive’s Allosperse Delivery System. 

AZterknot FC, a fungicide for broad crop use marketed by Vive Crop Protection is one product coming up  from this joint effort. Company officials say AZterknot FC fuses the plant health benefits of two actives: Reynoutria extract, the active ingredient in biological product Regalia, and the disease-fighting power of azoxystrobin, the active ingredient in AZteroid FC 3.3.
AZterknot FC will also contain Vive’s Allosperse Delivery System technology. Company officials say this provides superior handling characteristics including compatibility with in-furrow, pop-up, and foliar liquid fertilizers. Pending Environmental Protection Agency registration approval, the product will be approved for foliar and in-furrow application on all major crops in the U.S. (excluding California).

“The collaboration with MBI allows us to bring growers the best of three approaches to crop protection: chemistry, biologicals, and nanotechnology,” said Dan Bihlmeyer, vice president of sales and marketing with Vive Crop Protection, in a news release. “With AZterknot FC, growers will have access to the combined power of a leading biological and of a proven fungicide chemistry. Research has shown that the two actives, in combination with the Allosperse Delivery System, work together to control disease, improve plant health, and increase yield.” 

MBI will also market a version of the product to specialty crop growers when regulatory approval is granted. Regalia is one of the most used biologicals in the specialty crop market, say company officials. The combination with azoxystrobin and the Allosperse technology will provide specialty crop growers with the convenience of a single product that delivers enhanced performance and improved yield in a highly compatible formulation, say company officials. 

“Our partnership with Vive is an example of how MBI has focused on growth by creating innovative and integrated crop management solutions for growers of a wide range of crops,” said Kevin Hammill, chief commercial officer for Marrone Bio Innovations, in a news release. “These next-generation BioUnite products will not only give U.S. growers access to effective crop protection technology, but it will allow them to better manage their crops by harnessing the power of biologicals with the performance of chemistry.”

Regulatory approval for AZterknot FC is expected in mid-2021 and will be available through distributor and retail commercial channels in the U.S.

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