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Warmer, Drier 60-Day Outlook

It seems that drier, warmer conditions are expected to sweep into the Corn Belt over the next 60 days, after July brought average temperatures to the Midwest and above-normal rainfall to the southern part of the region.

The latest 31- to 60-day outlook shows slightly warmer temperatures and drier conditions trending across the Plains and southwestern Midwest, while the northern part of the Midwest is expected to undergo a cool pattern, according to MDA Weather Services senior agriculture meteorologist, Donald Keeney.

"The cool pattern across the northern Midwest would increase risks of an early frost,” says Keeney.

But, he notes, the drier trend should help combat those cooler conditions, allowing for a timely fall harvest. 

“The drier pattern in the northern Plains and Prairies would favor spring wheat and canola harvesting, while corn and soybean harvesting in the Midwest and Delta should progress without major delay,” Keeney explains.

The precipitation outlook has trended drier across the central and southeastern Plains, Midwest, and northern Delta. Keeney comments that central and northwestern Midwest areas could use some more rain.

“Recent rains improved moisture a bit in the northwestern Midwest, but some additional rains are still needed there to sufficiently improve moisture,” says Keeney.

Rainfall is expected to move into the northwestern Midwest region over the upcoming weekend, benefitting northern Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Drought conditions have increased this past week, now effecting 27.13% of the U.S., according to the latest U.S. Drought Monitor update. These increases were seen mostly in eastern Texas, Louisiana, south-central Wisconsin, and much of the Southeast.

The most recent U.S. Drought Monitor highlights areas in northwest Iowa, northeast Iowa, central Wisconsin, and northeast Minnesota as abnormally dry. Click here for the latest drought update.

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