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Weather forecast favorable for soy harvest

The soybean harvest in the United States is off to a slow start this year. Probably unknown to most is the fact that our five percent completion pace as of this past Sunday was the fourth slowest since 1987, with only 1993, 1996, and 2009 being years with less harvested by September 25.

We are going to change that in a big way though, as I think that there will be a huge amount of soybeans that will get cut in the Midwest between now and the middle to latter parts of next week. No rain is forecast for areas west of the Mississippi River for today through about Thursday of next week, and with vast amounts of soybeans now ripe and ready to be harvested in that area, we will be seeing the combines really rolling and some states in the western Corn Belt may take nearly half of this year's soybean crop in that period.

It is going to be a different story for a while to the east of the Mississippi River, as it is wet right now and three more days of "damp" weather is forecast there. Saturday morning will dawn dry though in the eastern Corn Belt, and that area will likely stay dry through about Friday of next week so eventually there too we will see a lot of soybeans eventually get cut.

While I think that the national soybean harvest progress figure for next Monday's report will still be about 16 to 18 percent done, we may very well be around half done with the national soybean harvest as of October 9.

Towards the end of next week it does look like things will be getting wetter again for the Nation's midsection. We will probably start to see some rain develop in the northern Plains for about October 6, in the western Corn Belt for about October 7, and across much of the Nation's midsection by October 8. Amounts may not be real heavy, but normal to above normal amounts are forecast.

That is true for the hard-red winter wheat belt of the southern Plains as well, where some rain should start falling by around October 8 (after the next ten days remain dry in that area).
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