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Weather Outlook: What's in Store for July?

Mother Nature is holding the control while farmers are holding their breath.

Recent rains have pushed precipitation to twice their normal amounts in some areas, says Freese-Notis, Inc. senior meteorologist Dan Hicks. We’re looking at a pattern of less rainfall, not necessarily dry conditions over the next one to five days.


However, the 6 to 10 day forecast is showing more normal to above normal areas of precipitation. Above normal rainfall seems to be concentrated to the parts of the southeaster plains and up into the Ohio River Valley.

“Some of the concerns as far as agriculture conditions in the central part of the nation as we head into July with these weather forecasts obviously would be the continued normal to above normal rainfall across the Midwest,” explains Hicks.

“This will keep fields wet in many areas and also continue to slow any fieldwork as well as early winter wheat harvest in the Midwest. With this wet pattern it’s likely that some crop damage could occur in areas that receive heavy rain through the first part of July.”

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Not all news is discouraging though. As far a temperatures go, July is looking cooler than normal – favorable for the fields.

“Our July temperature forecast has trended cooler across the Midwest, with higher confidence in continued upper level ridging in the West, leading to below normal temperatures downstream across the Plains and the Midwest,” says Kyle Tapley, meteorologist with MDA Weather. “The temperature pattern would be fairly similar to last July, but temperatures in the Midwest are not expected to be quite as cool as what was seen last year. Still, this is a favorable outlook for crops.”

Watch Dan’s July Weather Outlook for the full forecast and how your crops could be affected.

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