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Weather stress to continue for crops this month

Weather Market Commentary

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It was pretty easy to find highs of 95 degrees or higher yesterday in the Midwest, and for places like Huron, Topeka, Moline, Waterloo, and Rockford, the mercury actually rose to 100 degrees or higher (102 at Waterloo; the 100 degree reading at Rockford tied a record for the date and was the first time in 22 years that location had been to 100 degrees).

Highs in the 90s across the Midwest are again a given for today, but plenty of areas will reach 95 degrees or higher and there will certainly be areas that get to 100 degrees or higher (probably a few more than we saw yesterday). Similar heat will again be seen tomorrow in the eastern Corn Belt and in southern parts of the western Corn Belt, but it will be cooler in the northwest.

We still start to see some widely scattered thunderstorms in western parts of the region tonight, and that will start a period where there will be periodic chances for scattered thunderstorms in the region through the weekend. Typical for summer, it will be a situation where some areas get some very nice rains, while other areas not far away do not get much rain at all.

 The area likely to see the most limited rains through the end of the weekend will be the southwest (Kansas, Missouri, southwestern Illinois) but there will be places to the north and east that miss the rain as well. Areas that are lucky enough to see the bigger rains will easily get more than an inch. The coolest weather coming up will be for Monday and Tuesday of next week, when temperatures will finally be close to normal once again in the region. It won't last long though, as temperatures will be warming again later next to above-normal levels (which means plenty of 90s for highs again and certainly some additional 95+ degree readings).

With rainfall not looking very good in the 6-10 day period either, the areas that do not get much rain through the end of the weekend will continue to be under considerable stress through the end of this month.

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