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Western Corn Belt seeing big rains

A narrow area from southwestern through northeastern Oklahoma, and then from southwestern Missouri northeastward into central Illinois, saw significant rainfall overnight (some places in that area had easily over an inch), but this is just a "taste" of what is to come for a much bigger area of the central/western Midwest and Plains states from now through a part of Wednesday.

We will see rains really increase in coverage and intensity today over Kansas and Oklahoma, and those will move northeastward tonight. A fresh area of rain will again develop in Kansas and Oklahoma tomorrow, also moving northeastward for tomorrow night and into a part of Wednesday.

For the eastern three-fourths of Kansas, central/eastern Oklahoma (excluding the panhandle), northern Texas (excluding the panhandle), Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, northwestern Indiana, western Michigan, Wisconsin, far southeastern Minnesota, Iowa (except for the far northwest) and southeastern Nebraska, the next 48 to 60 hours looks very wet with all of that area seeing at least a half inch of moisture but there will likely be parts of northeastern Oklahoma, eastern Kansas, northwestern Missouri, southeastern Iowa, and far northwestern Illinois that see amounts of two to as much as four inches.

The vast majority of this will fall as rain, but some snow will fall in the northwestern part of the precipitation shield and there could be some accumulations of note (2-4", maybe up to 3-6" in some spots) for southeastern Nebraska, western/northern Iowa, far southeastern Minnesota, and western/northern Wisconsin.

This storm is obviously more very good news for a hard-red winter wheat crop that over the past month has seen several nice precipitation events that puts the crop is relatively good shape (considering how historic the drought is) going into winter. It is a storm that will stop harvesting in the western Corn Belt, but so little is left to do there that it has to be considered as beneficial moisture for an area that has really been drying out as of late.

Ohio is the area where a lot of corn and soybean harvesting is still to be done, but that is a state that is likely going to see very little precipitation throughout this week.

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