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Wet, cold weekend weather

The rainfall totals and the rainfall forecast is probably going to draw most of the market attention (as it almost always does), but to me the most impressive feature about the weather coming up for the center part of the country is how cold it will be. 

The cool weather will dominate the Plains and the western Corn Belt today, then will reach eastward to cover the rest of the Corn Belt and the Delta for tomorrow through about next Wednesday. With this cold we are looking at a lot of the middle part of the country with temperatures averaging more than ten degrees below normal over the next week, and there will be individual days in that period when temperatures run more than twenty degrees below normal. 

Areas of the Midwest that see rain most of the day for either tomorrow or Sunday will have highs just in the 40s (which was already seen yesterday in the eastern spring wheat areas, with more of the same there today and still in some areas tomorrow). 

Parts of the northern Delta may have highs that do not climb out of the 50s early next week. At least we are not looking at a freeze threat with this scenario, though we will see lows in the 30s in the western/northern parts of the hard-red winter wheat belt, the northern Plains, and the northern/northwestern Corn Belt (some 30s were already seen this morning for a part of that area). 

All of this cold weather means that any corn, soybeans, or spring wheat that has been planted in the last few days is not going to be emerging any time soon. Temperatures will moderate late next week, and it does look warm for the 11-15 day time frame. There are still going to be some parts of the Corn Belt able to get fieldwork done for a part of today, but we are going to gradually be shutting things down everywhere as rain becomes widespread and it will be a wet weekend across the central and eastern Midwest. 

Most spots east of Interstate 35 will see one to two inch rain totals by Monday morning. That will end the big rains, but for Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan it may very well stay cold, cloudy, and damp for Monday right through Wednesday or even Thursday. 

The western Corn Belt and Plains will be dry for Monday and Tuesday, but rains will move back into parts of that area by Thursday morning and spread across the rest of the Corn Belt and into the Delta for the end of the work-week. That rain event may be very good (the best in weeks if not months) for a lot of the wheat areas of Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, and eastern Oklahoma but may still not bring much rain to the Texas panhandle.

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