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What Are Growers Saying About Harvest?

The latest poll asks, ”What is the moisture content of the corn you’re harvesting?” Of those who responded, 19% said it’s 27% or higher, 14% said 24% to 26%, 33% said 21% to 23%, 19% said 18% to 20%, 14% said 15% to 17%, and 0% said under 15%.

Leah Woline is an exception to those poll numbers. She told the Women in Ag Facebook group that Woline Farms in southeast Iowa started combining today (see photo, above), and their corn is testing at 14%, so it won't have to go through the corn dryer. She says the corn isn't as good as it should be, thanks to some excessive rains, but most of the corn they raise is fed to the pigs they raise from wean to finish.

Harvest hopes

An poll taken during the summer asked growers when they hoped to start harvesting. Most who responded planned on a later start, with 6% planning to start before Labor Day, 7% right after the holiday, and 12% the week of September 13. The week of September 20 scored 21%, 22% said the week of September 27, and 33% said they’d start later than that.

Those plans seem to jibe with this week’s USDA Crop Progress Report, which states 10% of the corn harvest and 7% of the soybean harvest is complete. That’s slightly behind the five-year average for corn, and right on pace for soybeans.

Sell it or store it?

When asked what percentage of new-crop corn you will sell this fall, 58% of growers polled said 25% or less. While nobody said they would sell between 50% and 100%, 21% of those responding said they’ll sell between 25% and 50%, and 21% also said they will sell all of it.

While on-farm storage has been a topic of conversation heading into harvest, 61% of growers said they believe they’ll have enough on-farm storage for harvest. “Maybe, depending on yields,” and “No, it’s going to be a bin-buster,” each scored 16%, and only 7% said they’re looking at new bins or temporary storage.



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