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What’s new at Commodity Classic?

This morning, show goers were served a quick, 5-minute appetizer to the entrée exhibitors would be featuring at the show. So what’s on the plate for farmers? Dig in to these quick reads on what’s new, and come back for seconds as we deliver more in-depth reports throughout the show. 

Topcon Precision Agriculture

Justin Jones with Topcon debuted the company’s new AGI-4 receiver/steering controller. The all-in-one controller eliminates the need for another box inside the cab by integrating everything into one system. Benefits include:

  • High-accuracy inertial sensors with a snap-in module
  • Full-terrain compensation
  • Online steering functionality
  • Drop-in and drive convenience
  • ISO11783 compatible

The product will release in early March for Topcon systems 150 and 350. If you’re at the show, stop by booth 823 to learn more.

Thunder Creek Equipment

With larger operations spaced farther apart, “producers need to make field service and DEF handling more efficient and convenient,” said Mike Schippers as he began Thunder Creek Equipment’s presentation on the company’s line of fuel and service trailers. In addition, changing rules and regulations tow along another set of obstacles for growers. Thunder Creek Equipment’s solutions include:

  • Brakes on all tires
  • Multiple baffles
  • LED lighting
  • Fuel up to 40 gallons per minute
  • Tow up to 70 mph
  • Diesel exhaust fluid 2-in-1 pumping system
  • Field service mobile shop

New at the show is Thunder Creek’s Air ‘n Arc 150. The tool features a Kohler electric start 14-hp. engine with throttle control, 150 amp welder with 20-foot weld cords, and a 5,000 watt capacitor style generator. Check out Thunder Creek Equipment at booth 133.

Climate Corporation

After last year’s drought, farmers may be interested in coverage beyond federal crop insurance. Climate Corporation offers total weather insurance -- a supplement to federal crop insurance to provide coverage against bad weather than can cause yield shortfalls that may be uncovered. In addition to insurance, Climate Corporation is releasing a field monitoring service at The service can show you conditions in different fields, including growth stages and the rain you received over night. The main purpose of the service, says Jeff Hamlin, is so, “every morning you can wake up and know the state of your operation no matter where your farm is located.” Climate Control is offering the service free to anyone who stops by the booth at Commodity Classic. Their booth number is 1509.


“Growers can see a $95 per acre return on investment,” said Chris Tingle as he explained Syngenta’s new Water+ Intelligent Irrigation Platform. The purpose of the new system is to give growers a holistic irrigation platform that can provide real-time information. Water+ combines soil moisture and rainfall monitoring with the convenience of Lindsay’s FieldNET. The crop management software program ties in agronomic info to help growers make better decisions and have better control of pivots. The overall goal is to grow more corn with less water.

In addition to the new irrigation platform, Syngenta spoke to the company’s investment in wheat breeding. Syngenta combined GreenLeaf, AgriPro, and JGL licensing businesses to, “enhance service to independent seed companies while increasing access to Syngenta products and solutions,” said Paul Morano. The company has tripled its investment in North America since 2000 and doubled testing locations in all regions. Syngenta is currently marketing 93 varieties of spring wheat, winter wheat, and triticale. Looking to the future, Syngenta has 13 new AgriPro certified wheat varieties that will be introduced this year and 19 more varieties in pre-commercial trials. For more info, check out booth 931.

North Plains Nitrogen

Why a nitrogen-based fertilizer plant in Northern Plains? Darin Anderson outlined four main reasons why the plant is necessary:

  1. There are 25 million acres of land that require millions of tons of nitrogen
  2. There’s an unacceptable reliance on imported N
  3. Northern Plains has the highest priced retail N in the U.S.
  4. Desire by local growers to secure a supply and hedge input costs

To learn more about the new plant, visit booth 1412.

MS Technologies and Bayer CropScience

“What works today with a herbicide system may not work in the future,” said Lauren August this morning. Unfortunately with northward creeping weed resistance, this is a statement that more and more farmers are learning firsthand. This is why MS Technologies and Bayer CropScience announced a new performance and control solution for soybeans: Balance GT. The new herbicide features tolerance to glyphosate and isoxaflutole with a high-yielding, elite germplasm. Balance GT will be available in 2015. Learn more at booth 323.


FMC launched Marvel herbicide for waterhemp and palmer pigweed. The herbicide delivers broader spectrum results with improved activity on lambsquarters, velvetleaf, and morning glory. The optimized formulation provides improved application flexibility without sacrificing control. Marvel is a post option with a low use rate of 5-7.25 ounces per acre. 

Adam Prestegord, of FMC, also announced Capture LFR. The new insecticide boasts improved stands, stronger, more robust roots, lower application rates, a patented formulation that mixes with row starter fertilizer, and an ROI of $200 per acre. Check out booth 1831 to learn more about FMC’s new products.

Case IH

Case IH presented two new products: Precision Disk 500T and 500 air disk drills and the 2013 Axial Flow combines. 

The 2013 Axial Flow combines feature a new cab that is redesigned to be the “new mobile office,” according to Cy Werda with Case IH. The cab has an adjustable, right-hand console with AFS display on the slide rail to provide integrated machine and precision farming control as well as one-hand access to all key controls. To maximize all usable space in the combine, the cab has multiple storage locations, a portable refrigerator built into the instructor seat, and a warming/cooling compartment in the headliner. Additional combine features include:

  • Easily adapt configurations for harvesting more than 80 different crops
  • PowerPlus CVT drives
  • Self-leveling cleaning system
  • Optional MegaCut Chopper for heavy residue
  • Average of 10% less fuel consumption than Tier 3 models

Learn more about Case IH’s new products at booth 223.


BASF highlighted two products today: Zidua herbicide and Priaxor fungicide. Zidua herbicide was designed to fight resistant weeds and provide long-lasting residual control. Application window is open from fall, to early preplant, preemergence to early post. Farmers can use this tool against palmer pigweed and waterhemp. Two to four ounces are recommended per acre for corn.

Priaxor fungicide boasts disease control and yield performance for soybeans. The fungicide has two modes of action for efficacy in preventative and post-infection control. In farm tests, Priaxor showed a two bushel per acre average over Headline and an 87% consistent yield advantage. Tests showed 30 days of control for leaf disease. Look at BASF’s hands-on display at booth 1331.

Apache Sprayers

Corey Trojanowski introduced Apache’s Plus II package. The package includes a 275 hp. Tier 3 engine that is available for 1,000 and 1,200 gallon Apaches. Apache also upgraded the differential on all three main models to provide a tighter turning radius and positive traction even in unfavorable conditions. A new hinged hood and aluminum booms are also available on the new models. Check out booth 1741 for more info.

New Holland

You can now access that latest in what New Holland calls “precision land management” in a mobile app that allows users to watch videos and tutorials on advanced farm technology. Announced by New Holland during the Commodity Classic, the Precision Land Management Academy app is compatible for both iOs and Android operating systems. The app allows producers to access information while in the field to resolve any product questions as well as details on machinery operation. 

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