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Winter's on the way

An area of light snow is moving eastward over southern Minnesota and northern Iowa this morning. This area should slowly move eastward today across extreme northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin this P.M. Most snowfall amounts should be light. Temperatures will generally be in the 30s and 40s across the Corn Belt states and slightly warmer (in the 40s and 50s) across the Central Plains states.

A new storm from the West Coast will bring heavy snows to the Wasatch Range today and to the Rockies tonight. An area of low pressure will begin to form over Kansas tomorrow and rapidly intensify Wednesday night and Thursday as it moves eastward from Kansas to Missouri to central Illinois on Thursday A.M. Light to moderate snow is forecast across northern Kansas and Nebraska as well as Iowa tomorrow and tomorrow night.

Showers and thundershowers are forecast for Illinois beginning Wednesday evening with storms pushing eastward across Indiana and Ohio on Thursday. Moderate to heavy snow could occur from central Iowa Wednesday night with some snow over northern Illinois early Thursday. If Moline, Illinois receives measurable snow on Thursday, this will tie its longest stretch of snowless days.

Some areas of eastern Iowa, southern Wi and maybe even northern Il could receive 4"+ of snowfall amounts. Some areas of Illinois could receive some .25 to .75"+ moisture amounts, particularly over the northern counties. The northern Wheat Plains could receive some .10 to .25" amounts while farther south, not much at all. A second and potentially much stronger storm could develop over the Wheat Plains on Christmas day with blizzard-like conditions as this storm winds up across the Midwest.

While confidence is low, some areas of the central Wheat Plains could receive substantial snowfall amounts as well as part of Nebraska and Iowa with heavy rains in the eastern Corn Belt states. Travel during and after Christmas could be difficult across the Plains states.

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