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Wyffels Gives Back to Veterans Through Homes For Our Troops

$2 per bag from Wyffels’ new W5086RIB hybrid will help Homes For Our Troops.

Buy a select bag of Wyffels hybrid seed corn and you can help injured U.S. veterans from post-9/11 wars.

That’s the goal of Serving Those Who Served, a new initiative from Wyffels Hybrids to further the company’s mission to serve others. 

“As a U.S. farm family-owned company, we understand the value of independence,” says John Wyffels, president of Wyffels Hybrids. “Homes For Our Troops homes help to restore some of the independence our Veterans lost so they can focus on their families, communities, and future.”

W5086RIB is a new 107-day double pro hybrid. 

“We recognize that one hybrid is not going to be the right choice for every farmer in our footprint, which is why we’ve also made some hats and T-shirts available so farmers who may want to contribute to the program have the opportunity to go to our website and purchase them,” says Tim Birkel, marketing director at Wyffels. All proceeds from Serving Those Who Served-related merchandise will go to Homes For Our Troops. 

Why Serving Those Who Served?

Throughout Wyffels Hybrids’ 74-year history, serving others is part of the Wyffels way, John Wyffels says. 

“Wyffels Hybrids was founded on the idea of serving our neighbors by supporting them in the pursuit of a more productive and profitable crop,” he says. “After more than 70 years, our mission remains to relentlessly work together serving corn growers. Now Serving Those Who Served gives individuals an opportunity to share in our mission of serving others.”

Over the next two years, funds raised through Serving Those Who Served will go towards new HFOT homes for Marine Lance Corporal “Bobby” McCardle in Franklin, Wisconsin, and Marine Staff Sergeant Dominic Fernandez in Lakeville, Minnesota. Their complete stories are available here

Birkel adds that Homes For Our Troops was a perfect fit for the STWS initiative. 

“We felt like some of these guys who have given everything for our independence have lost some of their own independence with their injuries. If we were able to give back in some way to make their lives a little easier, just so they can get around the house and focus on their family, their job, and more important things than worrying about just the simple things in life that we take for granted,” he says.

Wyffels is focused only on corn growers; Homes For Our Troops is focused on building homes for post-9/11 veterans. 

“We felt very much aligned,” Birkel continues. “We felt very good that 90¢ of every dollar goes back to the program. The more we talked to them, the more we felt it was a perfect fit."

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