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Farmers Tweet Reactions to Precision Planting’s Winter Conference

Over 700 people gathered in Tremont, Illinois, for Precision Planting’s 2018 Winter Conference on Tuesday. “This is the biggest and baddest winter conference we’ve ever had,” says Brad Arnold, general manager at Precision Planting.

Many farmers in attendance are early adopters of ag tech and avid social media users. As new products were announced, they took their reactions to Twitter.

Ag Technology

North American Sales Lead Justin Kauffman set the stage for a full day of announcements and product introductions. Citing a Successful Farming article, he explained that farmers who have adopted ag technology are turning an operating profit and seeing higher yields than their less technical peers. Although SmartFirmer was announced as a beta product at a previous event, Kauffman reviewed its features noting it is now for sale.

New Vision for the Field

Kauffman also announced the release of a new 20|20 monitor. Other Precision Planting team members from the R&D and sales teams took the stage breaking down the science of the technology. Tech-savvy farmers took to Twitter to express their reactions.

Eastern RM Sales Lead Doug Wiegand reviewed how far the 20|20 technology has come since he started with Precision Planting in 2003. At that time the company only had 15 full-time employees. Now the engineering staff alone totals 50.

Dale Koch, an engineer in the R&D department at Precision Planting, took the stage next. He emphasized the need for more information. Digging seeds alone does not give farmers enough insight to make good decisions for their field or farms as a whole. With SmartFirmer, knowing more about each field will help growers make better decisions, leading to more consistent and uniform results.

To conclude the first session, R&D Agronomist Ryan Allgaier addressed the crowd explaining how the new 20|20 monitor and SmartFirmer work together. He used the analogy of more data being similar to a flashlight. We’re not shining flashlights for flashlights sake, he said. “What decisions are we going to make, or change, because of what we see?”

Maximizing the Furrow

Cory Muhlbauer, R&D agronomist, and Bryce Baker, marketing lead, tag-teamed a session evaluating farming practices to achieve the best nutrient utilization. By examining its life in the furrow, farmers can help each seed reach its maximum potential.

Optimizing Nutrient Application

The Precision Planting team acknowledged the importance of managing nutrients efficiently, especially in years with thin profit margins. Jason Stoller and Justin McMenamy, both R&D experts for the company, introduced the second new product of the day, FurrowJet. The pair also gave an update on current R&D projects farmers may see on their farms in the future.

Next-Level Multi-Genetics

Commercial Agronomist Jason Webster introduced Precision Planting’s latest multi-genetic planting technology, mSet. Luke Stuber of the R&D department also addressed farmers in attendance, they no longer have to choose between high-speed planting and variable-rate, multi-genetic planting. mSet technology offers the best of both worlds.

Drilling Down

The final product announcement of the day was made via simulcast by Troy McKown, northwest regional manager, and Will Frank, R&D. The new SeederForce is Precision Planting’s first product targeting farmers with crops outside corn and soybeans.

Multipurpose Show Site

To end the day, Webster revealed Precision Planting’s plans for the new Precision Technology Institute. The multipurpose show site in Pontiac, Illinois, will give farmers a place to experience the company’s technology hands on.

Homeward Bound

General Manager Brad Arnold made the closing remarks for the event. As farmers road-tripped home, many continued to voice their opinions and excitement on social media.


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