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12 Striking Farmland, Livestock Scenes From Hurricane Harvey

While emergency responders work to ensure Houston’s residents are out of harm’s way, farmers and the Texas Animal Health Commission (shown at right) with the assistance of volunteers and police are doing what they can to keep livestock safe from Hurricane Harvey. Little is known about the number of cattle deaths so far as ranchers are cut off from parts of their land and groups like the Horseback Emergency Response Team, a group of volunteers who ride horses into affected areas, are waiting for waters to recede. will continue to cover the storm and the impact on farmers and ranchers in southeastern Texas. In the meantime, these pictures and videos shared on Twitter show how cattle producers are working to move cattle to higher ground as well as the impact on row-crop farmers.

One of the most retweeted clips of the farming situation, this video shows police moving a herd of cattle through Dayton, Texas, to higher ground. 

Here are several more scenes of volunteers and farmers working to move cattle to higher ground.

The situation is more dire for some cattle with cows isolated on ground surrounded by water, lost from the storm, and the worst case scenario.

Row-crop farmers are also hit hard by Harvey.

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