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AgriLabs Introduces Custom Vaccines Option For Swine

AgriLabs has developed a new custom vaccines option for swine veterinarians and producers. The custom vaccines pair the benefits of herd-specific autogenous vaccines with proprietary production processes and ENABL adjuvant technology that improves vaccine performance.

"The custom vaccine market has seen little innovation in recent years despite a growing number of companies," says Sean O'Hare, executive vice president of AgriLabs. "Our technological advancements allow us to deliver a custom vaccine option that is truly different from – and better designed to evolve with your health management practices than – others in the market."

The proprietary production processes, he continues, will help the company create custom vaccines from certain strains of swine diseases, like PRRS that have become difficult for other custom vaccine manufacturers to grow.

"Making custom vaccines for hard-to-grow virus strains has become a particular challenge in the industry, and our scientists have developed novel techniques to address that challenge," O'Hare says.

The key differentiator, he adds, will be the recently patented ENABL adjuvant technology.

"ENABL novel adjuvants feature a patented lipid/polymer matrix to which antigens attach for efficient delivery to target cells," explains O'Hare. "That means higher absorption of antigen to immune cells. The result is a greater immune response – and a custom vaccine offering unlike any other."

Since it’s a nanoparticle, ENABL spreads the vaccine quickly from the injection site to activate the immune system, which differs from many traditional adjuvants that can also experience local inflammation and longer pre-slaughter withholding requirements.

The custom vaccines can include bacterins, viruses or a combination of both. O’Hare says they are easy to use, feature exceptional syringeability, and have the lowest withdrawal period (21 days) allowed for food animals.

"The ENABL technology and other innovations AgriLabs is introducing make custom vaccines even more attractive to the swine industry and give the industry even more viable options for reducing the use of antibiotics," he says.

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