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Allflex Unveils Cow Monitoring Solution for Beef Farms

SenseTime Beef is a smart, modular monitoring solution designed to deliver unmatched cow reproduction and health management information. In turn, this data empowers beef cattle producers to significantly increase the number of calves produced. SenseTime Beef supports both artificial insemination (AI) and natural breeding cow-calf operations with penned and grazed animals.

Precise cycling information, including highly accurate heat detection, detection of anestrus cows, and cows suspected for abortion, makes breeding more cost-effective and less labor intense. Farms that use AI gain precise guidance on insemination timing. In natural breeding herds, knowing when a cow’s last heat was, as recorded in the system, helps predict the calving date, instead of only relying on pregnancy checks.

Accurate health reports on each cow provide actionable insight for proactive, individualized health management. This is particularly effective for optimizing the health and well-being of an animal during the breeding, calving, and weaning phases.

Access to information can be done anywhere at any time from your mobile device. This, together with real-time alerts for issues like heat or cow distress, alleviates a farmer’s concern about missing an important event. It also frees up farmers’ time to attend to other things on and off the farm.

A modern solution

Powered by Allflex’s algorithms that analyze behavior based on activity, rumination, eating, and other key cow states, this solution brings a modern, data-driven management approach to the beef cattle sector. 

SenseTime Beef offers a variety of application plan levels, upfront and subscription-based payment options, and user devices. Farmers can also choose between the eSense Flex ear tags or cSense Flex neck tags. As an operation evolves, all elements in the solution can be expanded or changed to fit those needs.

“With our expertise in optimizing cow health, well-being, and productivity already proven through the millions of dairy cows that are monitored by our solutions on a daily basis, we’re proud to be expanding our capabilities to beef cows,” says Stefan Weiskopf, CEO, Antelliq. “SenseTime Beef will enable smarter, more sustainable farming with the insights and analytics needed to optimize the productivity of every cow. By extending better livestock monitoring, we’re helping to ensure a secure and prosperous future for more farmers and their families.”

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