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App Lets You Manage Feed From Mobile Device

Feeding cattle just got easier thanks to the Libra TMR app from Central City Scale, Inc. The app builds and manages your rations, pens, and feed groups wirelessly. With this new technology, cattle feeders as well as dairy producers know the exact weight of ingredients going into the mixer and can track what has been fed to each pen. The app, which is iPad-based, connects to load cells on the feed mixer via Bluetooth.

The operator simply enters the feed ingredient information into the app, along with rations for each of the ingredients. Information is assigned to what ration gets fed to which pen and how many head are in each pen. 

By entering the name of your feed group, Libra TMR will let you know how much weight volume of each ingredient is required for each ration being mixed.

The system will also allow the operator to scale by dry matter. The operator can input and adjust dry matter percentages for ingredients or record as fed.

The Libra TMR allows the feed mixer operator to use a smartphone or tablet as a full-featured indicator. The number of remote displays are unlimited. 

Users can also set a custom timer for mixing between each ingredient or after all ingredients have been loaded, which helps generate a total mixed ration (TMR). Automatically adjust the batch size based on any loaded ingredient. 

In addition, feeding schedules for different feed groups can be created to increase efficiency. Being able to enter bunk readings in the system allows the operator to quickly adjust rations and feed amounts.

Using the Agrimatics’ cloud service, which will be available soon, a nutritionist will be able to log in and remotely manage rations for customers.

To learn more, visit or call 800/582-3175.

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