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Brand-Agnostic Solution Provides Accurate In-Cab Payload Measurement

Better control the quantity and cost of hay bales and other livestock materials with Trimble’s S1100 onboard weighing system.

The S1100 calculates weight by measuring hydraulic pressure changes on tractors or skid steers. Payload weights and bucket counts are clearly displayed in real time in the cab. This solution is also brand-neutral and compatible with most makes/models of tractors, forklifts, and skid steers.

With this system, producers can:
• Maximize livestock weight by preventing over/under feeding.
• Control feed costs by accurately measuring and managing feedstuffs.
• Eliminate waste and overage in feed batching and grain hopper loading operations.
• Weigh incoming/outgoing livestock feed for accurate invoicing and record keeping.
• Reduce potential overpayments by identifying wet hay bales early.

“The big advantage of the S1100 weighing system is being able to consistently measure the feed that the livestock are being fed to prevent over- and underfeeding,” says Erik Ehn, director of product marketing for Trimble’s Agriculture Division. “In addition, the system can provide accurate weight information to ensure that the producer pays only for the quantity of feed he or she is actually receiving.”

With the S1100 weighing system, farmers can use up to nine individual attachments including buckets, forks, hay squeezes, soft-hands bale handlers, and more.

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