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Elanco Explores Antibiotic Alternatives Through Partnership With EnBiotix

According to an agreement between Elanco Animal Health and EnBiotix, the two companies will collaborate to identify and optimize drug candidates that will leverage EnBiotix’s proprietary engineered phage platform. Elanco will provide research funding and will have an option to license and commercialize products developed from their work. 

Phage therapy is an alternative and/or complementary approach to traditional antibiotics for treating bacterial infections. A naturally occurring virus, bacteriophage infect bacteria but not humans. The virus self-replicates inside the bacteria, which harnesses bacterial machinery for DNA and protein synthesis and ultimately kills the bacteria by lysis of the cell.

“This collaboration furthers Elanco’s commitment to aggressively seek and develop antibiotic alternatives as outlined in our comprehensive antibiotic stewardship plan,” says Jeff Simmons, President, Elanco Animal Health. “Innovative research will be key to protecting both human and animal health while safeguarding antibiotics for future generations.”

“Providing alternatives to current antibiotic treatments is a key health objective. We are excited to apply EnBiotix’s engineered phage technology platform in the animal health field with Elanco,” says Jeffrey D. Wager MD, Chairman & CEO of EnBiotix, Inc.

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