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Major Manure: A World Record in Ukraine

Recently there had been made available information that Ukraine had again been noticed for a new record in “The Guinness Book of World Records."

It was fixed that by the use of the biggest manure spreader manufactured by the French company "Brochard Constructeur" driven by the New Holland tractor Т9.615 (670 hp) the Ukrainian “Industrial milk company” managed to spread during 24 hours 4,217 tons of manure on the 221.8 hectares (504.09 acres).

The total amount of the manure spread was more than 6,000 metric tons.

The result was beneficial for all three participants. New Holland demonstrated its most powerful tractor, the French manure spreader producer demonstrated its top product and the Ukrainian company get rid off the huge amount of manure for free.

The IMK company refused to answer for how long it accumulated that huge amount of manure and why it was unable to get rid off of that stuff years ago.

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