Merck Animal Health, American Hereford Association to offer educational opportunities

In order to maximize a herd’s genetic potential, Merck Animal Health and the American Hereford Association (AHA) are partnering to educate members and cattle producers on how to build an animal health program that improves their cattle’s well-being and performance. During this five-year initiative, Merck Animal Health will lead sessions at AHA’s Annual Membership Meeting and Conference. They will also offer other in-person and online opportunities. 

“It’s great to have Merck Animal Health work with our team,” says Jack Ward, AHA executive vice president. “Animal care and health are critical to the success of our producers’ operations, and we look forward to Merck Animal Health’s contributions in this educational effort.”

To launch its cooperation with AHA and support agricultural youth, Merck Animal Health is encouraging producers to submit photos using the company’s product on their cattle. Merck Animal Health will donate $100 (up to $15,000) for every photo sent to AHA, which will go toward the Hereford Youth Foundation of America. 

Those interested can submit photos via Facebook Messenger using #HerefordStrong in the message to AHA. The deadline to submit photos is September 15, 2020.

Note: If a participant submits his/her photo(s), he/she grants Merck Animal Health and the AHA permission to utilize the photo(s) for advertising and other commercial purposes. 

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