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Merck Animal Health announces new BRD antibiotic

A new prescription treatment for bovine respiratory disease (BRD), foot rot, and pinkeye is now available for veterinarians from Merck Animal Health. AROVYN – a tulathromycin injection – is an FDA-approved antibiotic for use in cattle as well as swine. 

“AROVYN offers veterinarians and producers a new, cost-effective option for tulathromycin,” says David Sjeklocha, D.V.M., technical services manager, Merck Animal Health. “On-label to administer on arrival with high-risk cattle, AROVYN also can be used to treat BRD, foot rot and pinkeye – all of which are common and costly diseases.”

In beef and non-lactating dairy cattle, the antibiotic treats BRD and controls respiratory disease in animals at high risk of developing the illness. It also is approved to combat pinkeye and foot rot. In suckling, dairy, and veal calves, AROVYN is prescribed for BRD.

“AROVYN is backed by Merck Animal Health’s technical service and sales team with extensive expertise in managing BRD, cattle health, and well-being,” Sjeklocha says.

The drug has a pre-slaughter withdrawal period of 18 days in cattle and is not to be used in female dairy cattle 20 months or older. In swine, there is a five-day withdrawal period.

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