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New Holland Expands Round Baler Line

New Holland has expanded its line of Roll-Belt round balers with new models 450, 460, and 550. The 450 makes 4×5-foot bales, the 460 makes 4×6-foot bales, and the 550 makes 5×5-foot bales.

Two of the 4-foot-wide bales can sit side by side on a flatbed trailer without exceeding most state DOT guidelines for load width (typically 8½ feet), explains Curt Hoffman, New Holland's hay packaging marketing manager. 

The new balers have more cutter choices, he adds. The Bale-Slice option has knives on the lower starter roll that cut hay into an average of 6- to 8-inch lengths, letting bales be packed up to 14% more dense. 

The newer CropCutter rotary cutter with drop floor is what Hoffman calls the deluxe system. It does much the same as Bale-Slice, except it cuts hay into even shorter lengths – as small as 2.6 inches. Studies show that animals waste less hay because they get smaller bites and convert it into gains more efficiently. In the case of bedding material, the cutting technology makes bales easier to shake apart.

CropCutter also makes a very dense bale. This is particularly beneficial for proper fermentation, and there is less waste in high-moisture bales. "We're famous for building the densest bale in the industry,” says Hoffman. "That's a big deal when it comes to freight costs. Our goal is to make dry hay that is 10 pounds per cubic foot.”

Dry bales from the Roll-Belt 450 will typically weigh 800 to 900 pounds. Weights are very moisture-dependent. Silage bales will weigh about 1,200 pounds.

Hoffman says farmers like the Roll-Belt balers for several other reasons. One is the hay pickup system. "It sits farther forward than other models, making it easier to see from the tractor cab. Our ActiveSweep is wide, either 71 inches or 82 inches, depending on the model,” he says.

The optional five-bar pickup has a split-center design, which makes repairs easier. "My goal is to get a customer repaired and running as quickly as possible for the least amount of money,” he says.

Farmers also like the unique bale-ejection system, Hoffman notes. "It puts the center of gravity farther back as the bale gets bigger. This helps roll it out of the bale chamber at ejection,” he says.

The bale net-wrap system loads from the front of the baler and can store three rolls of New Holland's EdgeWrap – two in front and one on the tailgate – for all-day baling. These balers come with options of New Holland's Bale Command II monitoring system with enhanced graphics. The in-cab monitor can control wrap patterns, twine spacing, and other accessories. 

Base price for the Roll-Belt 450 is $34,691.

Heavy Bale Lifting

The company has also added large-frame models to its LM series telehandlers. One is the LM7.42 Elite, which is ideal for loading heavy round or square bales onto trucks or into storage sheds. 

With a maximum power output of 143 hp., the 6F/3R powershift transmission offers automatic speed selection and forward/reverse power shuttle by joystick control. The three-mode steering system features auto alignment. 

The LM series also includes a unique under-hood configuration, which makes carrying out daily maintenance simpler and tool-free. All service points can be reached from ground level. This machine has a maximum lift height of 22.9 feet and a lift capacity of 9,259 pounds. 

The base list price is $155,508.

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