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Scale-Tec, Performance Livestock Analytics Partnership Delivers Advanced Feed Management

An exclusive partnership between Scale-Tec, Ltd. and Performance Livestock Analytics, Inc. will launch with Scale-Tec’s new scale display platform POINT. The technology adds improved features to Performance Livestock Analytics’ Beef feed management system. 

“The new POINT device provides a powerhouse of connectivity, opening the door to the future of scale applications and integrations,” says Nick Von Muenster, President of Scale-Tec. “Our partnership with Performance Livestock Analytics provides livestock producers with the ability to capture accurate, automated information, enhancing their ability to make profitable decisions on the farm.” 

Scale-Tec Point

By integrating the POINT scale display with Performance Beef software, producers can accurately capture every pound of feed delivered and every dollar spent. Performance Beef also offers real-time access to on-farm data and closeout reports to producers as well as their trusted advisers. Combined, the system ensures the right financial and operational performance information is getting to the right people at the right time.

Entirely calibrated, POINT is supported and updated through its mobile app, which increases its ease of use and minimizes down time. Equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy technology, device connectivity range is over 1,000 feet. This connectivity allows multiple smart devices to connect to the scale display, which allows producers to simultaneously view and share weight data. In addition, POINT is already able to connect to a number of scale systems being used by beef operations today.

To learn more about the Performance Beef system, visit For more information about the Scale-Tec POINT scale display, visit

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