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Steffes Group shifts 4H/FFA livestock auctions to online platform

As countless summertime traditions, like county fairs, adapt to the pandemic, 4H and FFA must also redefine how they reward members for their hard work while still keeping them safe.

“Everybody’s having to adapt in many ways. But the kids have worked hard all year and deserve to be rewarded for their work,” says Tim Meyer, Steffes Group.

For decades, the Steffes Group has conducted county livestock auctions. By using its online auction platform, the company is continuing that tradition this year, so families can get livestock sold.

“In most cases, the kids aren’t even able to leave their animals overnight,” Meyer says. “They just bring them for the judging and then have to take them home that evening. The way we’ve conducted live auctions in the past just isn’t possible in many cases this year, so we decided to offer our online auction services to as many counties as possible.”

Iowa Auction Lineup

The Lee County Junior Online livestock auctions for swine, sheep, goats, and beef will open for bidding July 9 and close July 13. 

The Henry County auctions for swine, sheep, goats, and beef will run from July 15 to 20. 

The Louisa County 4H/FAA youth exhibition will have online auctions July 13 to 27 for rabbits and poultry, sheep, goats, and beef. 

Des Moines County Fair Youth Livestock Auction, opening Wednesday, July 29, will include beef, sheep, goats, and swine. 

Information on these and other auctions is available at or by calling 319/385-2000

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