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Swine efficiency calculator introduced

The National Pork Board introduced a Live Swine Carbon
Footprint Calculator this week at the World Pork Expo as part of its
environmental sustainability efforts. 

The calculator is a software tool that determines the
greenhouse gas emissions involved in sow and grow-finish production.  The goal is to help producers identify
areas for improved efficiency.

The Pork Checkoff-funded research, which began in June 2008,
has assessed energy use and emissions along the entire pork chain, from feed
crop production, feed formulation, swine production, transportation, all the
way to meat processing and retail.

The research has also produced dozens of tips and checklists
for individual pork producers to assess the efficiency of their own link in the
pork production chain.  Tips
include improving ventilation, strategies for reducing ammonia in animal
production, and water conservation techniques.

“Safeguarding the environment comes naturally to America’s
pork producers because they understand their inherent responsibility to
preserve natural resources for future generations,” according to the National
Pork Board website.

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