Tips To Make Raising Cattle Easier & More Efficient

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    Feed is cheap these days, boosting the bottom line for cattle producers. It's a good time to streamline your feeding systems and get more out of every bushel and bale you put out. If you're feeding more of the latter heading into winter, here's one way to get more out of what you feed and boost soil conditions at the same time.

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    If you're feeding grain and are anticipating a tough winter, here's a product that might help. "DeStress" -- a water-soluble feed additive that reduces animal stress through "nutritional therapy" and reduces shrink and other stress-related maladies -- is expected to make it to producers soon.

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    "Boom-Bust" doesn't just apply to the cattle cycle (which is booming right now). It's also the rationale behind a grazing system in which extended rest periods help grasses recover from intensive grazing, boosting overall output and in turn, efficiency of an overall grazing system, one producer says. Do you "rest" your grass?

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    By using a system of half a dozen "paddocks," these ranchers are able to extend their grazing season through Christmas. And, by specifically managing these paddocks and how much they're grazed, grazing capacity can improve by up to 35% with weaning rates up to 15% higher.

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    Like playing paintball? If so, here's a new product for your cattle herd that you'll enjoy. There's a new fly control delivery system, the "VetGun," that treats via a gun similar to a paintball gun. It's just one of a set of new products featured in the latest Beef Insider.

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    Deworming is a common task for any cattle herd, and few medical treatments yield as much payback, experts say. But, there are a lot of questions around what products to use, when to treat and how to make it work best. Check out this Q&A and get some ideas to get the most from your deworming program.

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    Medical procedures like these may take on a whole new look in the future as livestock breeding and genetics technology continues to advance. Ultimately "designing animals" will be the target, one that will include things like disease resistance and feed efficiency. How could this change your cattle business?

Check out these hot topics -- from new products to alternative grazing systems -- to streamline your beef operation.

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