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2020 Apache sprayers include enhanced design features, precision technology

The 2020 Apache self-propelled sprayers are a result of listening. Equipment Technologies (ET) engineers listened to customers, learned what was important to them, and responded by incorporating key enhancements to machines. The result: A new lineup of sprayers that will help farmers improve spraying efficiency and productivity while taking full advantage of every minute they have in the field.

“Attention to our customers’ needs is a huge priority in the improvements we make to Apache sprayers from year to year, and the 2020 model year is no exception,” says Matt Hays, CEO of ET. “Farmers told us they wanted features to help them make better, more efficient use of their time in the field, and technology is a growing priority for many farmers. In the new lineup of Apache sprayers, we deliver improvements that meet these needs and show our continued attention and commitment to farmers’ needs. We’re all in on our customers’ success in the field, and our new sprayers reflect our shared ethic of performance in every pass through the field in an Apache.”

Below are seven highlights of what you can expect to see in the 2020 Apache sprayers lineup.

  1. AS840 sprayer. With an 800-gallon tank, this machine raises the bar for spraying capacity. 
  2. Raven AutoBoomXRT. This automatic boom control system uses radar sensors to maintain optimal spray heights, which maximizes application efficiency. Pressure-based controls enable smoother movement across the field, quicker reaction times, and complete operator control.
  3. Front-fill access. An optional front-focused design makes filling the sprayer from a nurse tank without folding the booms easier. 
  4. Stainless steel tank and mount design. The upgraded stainless-steel tank and mount option not only look great, they also make cleanout quicker and more efficient. 
  5. Autofold. Instead of one section at a time, this automatic boom-folding system lets an operator unfold booms all at once with the push of a button. It is available on any Apache with AutoBoom XRT.
  6. Double-stacked nozzles. Designed specifically for machines with the Raven Hawkeye nozzle control system, the double-stacked nozzles extend the sprayer’s reach. Ultimately, this helps the operator get more coverage out of every pass in the field.
  7. Quick-spray mode. Because this function lets the operator set up spraying options directly on the machine’s in-cab display, it helps save time on smaller spraying jobs. 

“Apache Sprayers are built on the principle of optimizing efficiency in the field,” Hays says. “If you consider yourself a business-minded farmer and you’re serious about being cost-effective in your spraying operations, you’re ready for an Apache.”

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