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AGCO’s Purchase of Precision Planting Finalized

Now that the deal between AGCO and Precision Planting is complete, AGCO’s Senior Vice President Eric Hansotia explains what this acquisition means for growers, dealers, and your data.

The Grower. “At the heart of Precision Planting is an intense focus on solving customers’ farming challenges with innovative, practical solutions and providing industry-leading in-field support,” says Hansotia. “We fully intend to maintain, and even grow, those capabilities. We will expand the benefits of Precision Planting’s innovation by reaching more growers with a broader global distribution network. AGCO intends to continue growing the OEM customer base and strengthening the large existing account relationships.”

In addition, the company will expand the scope of solutions to enhance its line of machinery, which will include its Fuse precision agriculture products and services.

The Dealer. “Our strategy is to continue Precision Planting’s Premier dealer network model in the market,” he says.

In order to strengthen the existing network and grow globallly, AGCO plans to increase the dealer base.

The Data. “We are working on agreements with The Climate Corporation that will create strong linkage to its digital ag tools for customers and determine how best to enhance Fuse products,” says Hansotia. “Our commitment to our customers that they should be in full control of their data is not changing.”


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