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Better Manure Management From Agrometer

Today, most farmers apply liquid manure on open ground during a limited time frame. With the introduction of its Agrometer slurry handling equipment to the U.S. market, Danish company Agrometer wants to help producers significantly extend that window.

For more than 20 years, Agrometer’s machinery has been helping European producers make better use of the valuable nutrients in liquid manure. Because it enables them to apply liquid manure during the growing season to optimize absorption, it has become an increasingly popular solution throughout Europe in the last 10 years.

Two types of application

The Agrometer system includes two types of manure application.

SDS 8000. With a spray bar up to 118 feet, the SDS 8000 dribble hose system applies the liquid manure gently on the ground surface. 

SDS 1200. An umbilical injector system with trailing shoe injectors up to 39 feet wide, the SRS 1200 incorporates manure directly into the soil. No slurry is spread up in the air, which minimizes odor.

Since neither machine has on-board tanks, their weight is considerably lower than conventional slurry tankers. This helps reduce soil compaction and makes it possible to begin spreading at an earlier stage, as the machines are less likely to get stuck in wet or soft fields.

In place of the tanks, each machine holds up to 2,130 feet of feeding hoses. This means they continuously operate in the field, while the liquid manure is being pumped directly to the machines from lagoons or nurse tanks via laid-out hoses. The pump units have a range of up 13,000 feet, which can be further extended using intermediate booster pumps.

Agrometer products will be sold and serviced by Vanderloop Equipment.

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