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Cabs Finally Done Right

John Deere 4430 auction
Y’know, it seems to me that cabs from the 1950s and 1960s were an afterthought. They’re pretty crude, cramped, and usually drafty. Yes, it kept you out of the elements, so they were better than nothing, but still ... not all that great. You can hear the conversation in the engineering office, right? It probably went like this: “You know, we should build that tractor with a cab! Hey, Harv! Do we have anything in back we can throw on this thing so it’s got a cab?” 

John Deere changed the game when they launched the 30 series in late 1972. Their engineers designed the tractor around the SoundGard cab using seals and bushings to isolate vibrations and engine noise. This really was a big deal! Nobody had ever built a tractor like that before. Was it a gamble? Maybe ... but as bigger farms emerged, so did the need for more modern equipment. Farmers were spending more hours in the field than ever. They wanted to be more comfortable.  

The gamble paid off, too. The 30 series established Deere as not only a front runner in the horsepower game, but also as a pioneer in the "modern" era of farm tractor. They built them with a cab in mind from the start, and that decision has changed the agricultural landscape. Talk to any farmer who’s run an open station and then bought a SoundGard. Spoiler alert: They won’t give the SoundGard back.

Here’s how well that gamble paid off, in sales terms.

Deere sold a 4430 every 36 minutes of every day for five years!

Let that marinate for a few seconds.

This one lives at a farm in Wisconsin for the next few weeks until Matt Maring and his team (find this listing at send it home with the highest bidder on July 24. It’s a one-owner ’77 model quad range with 7,700 hours, and it’s loaded! Duals, a front-mount fuel tank, rear wheel weights, and a super-clean interior! I think this is an $18K to 20K tractor all day long. What do you think? 

The Red Wisconsin Workhorse

IHC 1466 for sale
Ask a red tractor fan what their top three models are. I’ll bet that either a 1066 or a 1466 slots in there somewhere – and for good reason. They’re great tractors! They’re one of the best (and last) muscle tractors ever built, and they’ll still work all day long.

The 66 series tractors combined the proven drive trains of the 26/56 models with brand-new 300 and 400 series motors. IH invested $25 million bucks in the research and development of these things, and the result set a pretty high bar for their competitors. The direct-injection motors were cheaper to run than older designs. With rising fuel and input costs, this sold a lot of farmers.

The 1466 was the big hoss for most of its five-year run. It was beefier than the 1066, with a DT436 rated at 145 hp., bigger axles and brakes, and a heavier clutch. Overall, it was a good performer in the field. I’ve heard some farmers say that the rear ends are failure-prone if overworked. I look at it this way: As long as you’re not dragging a 40-foot field cultivator with it, I think you’ll probably be fine. 

So what’s the story with this particular 1466? According to our friends at Wilkinson Auction & Realty (find this listing at, it lived a good life on a small dairy farm in southwest Wisconsin. The current owner overhauled and painted it nine years ago. Original hours are unknown. I’m told that it runs and drives well; it definitely looks right with those 20.8s tires on it, too! 

Bidding has held steady (it’s at $3,700 right now), but I know it’ll start climbing later today. My guess is that this one ends up in the $12,000 to $14,000 range when it’s all done. If you want a nice 14 to keep your 10 company, this one is worth watching. Bidding wraps up tomorrow (Thursday) morning, so don’t wait too long to get your bids in!

The Best Selling Ford Pickup

Ford F350 for sale
I’ve wanted an OBS (old body style) F-series with a 7.3 Powerstroke for years. I don’t have a good reason to want one, but I still do. If I ever do buy one, it’ll look just like this F-350 that my friends at Musser Bros. Auction & Real Estate (find this listing at are selling!  

It’s no secret that the Ford F series is the No. 1 pickup truck in America, recently surpassing the Beetle as the most-produced vehicle in the world. Auto industry statistic nerds figure that there’s a new F series pickup sold every minute!

Kalvin Miller was the Idaho farmer who owned this truck, and he passed away about a year ago. He was a lifelong Ford guy, and according to his son Ryan, he had 15 different Fords at one point (I believe most of them were pickups)! He loved his Fords, and he treated them well. This 1997 F-350 is no different. He leased it from a Ford dealer for three years and bought it after the lease ended. It’s a five-speed stick-shift with a 225-hp. Powerstroke, and it’s only got 125,000 on the clock! Not only that, but it’s rustfree, and it’s CLEAN! 

These OBS F-350s are tough as nails, and 7.3 Powerstrokes will run forever if they’re treated right. Therefore, it’s getting lots of attention, too – the auction runs for another week and it’s already at $8,600. (Find this listing at

There’s always a market for clean, well-maintained equipment; it doesn’t matter if it’s a tractor, a baler, or an old farm truck!

Ryan Roossinck
 Hi! I'm Ryan Roossinck, and I love tractors. It doesn’t matter if it’s a showpiece, an oddball, or seen its share of life ... if it’s unique and it’s listed by one of our auctioneer partners at Tractor Zoom, I’m going to show it off a little bit! This equipment is all up for auction RIGHT NOW so you can bid on it by going to

I think it’s cool, and I hope you will, too. This is Interesting Iron!

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