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New equipment highlights from summer farm shows

Many farmers and ag companies gathered in person for the first time in more than a year for the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois, recently. Several companies launched new products while others publicly displayed equipment introduced virtually last year for the first time. Here’s what farmers in attendance had the opportunity to see.

Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson’s new 8S tractor was prominently displayed on their lot. This new tractor replaces the company’s 7700 S large-frame tractors and is available in four models ranging in size from 205 to 265 hp.

“This is an extremely versatile tractor. It’s got the capabilities to fit perfectly for planter operation, tillage, cow/calf, hay operation, and loader work. You can customize it for yourself,” says Brian Celli of Massey Ferguson.

Three product experts spoke exclusively to Successful Farming prior to the tractor’s launch and explained the specifics of upgraded features.

Massey Ferguson 8S tractor in the shop
Photo credit: Massey Ferguson


Unverferth highlighted its Raptor strip-tillage tool virtually launched in April at Farm Progress Show this year. This new line includes pull-type models in 12- or 16-row configurations and three-point models available with six, eight, or 12 rows.

Marketing manager Andy Unverferth explained the machine’s row units and capacities in more detail in an interview at the show.

Unverferth Raptor strip tillage tool
Photo credit: Unverferth

“This product is an all-in-one strip-tillage and fertilizer delivery solution from one manufacturer,” he says.


Bobcat has updated its utility work machine for the first time in more than 20 years. The first new machine to roll off the factory line was on display at the farm show. Designed to combine the benefits of a pickup, skid steer, and UTV, this vehicle is compatible with more than 45 attachments for year-round farm use.

In addition to running pallet forks or a snowblower on the front product specialist Jamison Wood points out, “In the rear of the machine we have a box that is rated for 2,000 pounds of capacity with a hydraulic dump. We also have up to 4,000 pounds of towing capacity with this machine.”

Bobcat's best-selling compact tractor on display at the 2021 Farm Progress Show
Photo credit: Natalina Sents

Although Bobcat has been offering compact tractors since 2019, the company is making changes to that product line as well. Manufacturing will soon be relocated from South Korea to North Carolina.

Senior product manager James Crouch says the CT2025 is the company’s most popular model. “It’s got a very attractive price point, and it doesn’t have any kind of DEF or regen on it. It’s an old-school diesel engine. It’s reliable, rugged, and gets the job done,” he says.

Precision Planting

Precision Planting displayed a number of its products at several demonstration stations scattered throughout the company’s tent in the center of the showgrounds. Product experts and agronomists were on hand to answer farmers’ questions.

Bryce Baker, integrated marketing manager offered an overview of FurrowForce, a two-stage closing system designed to be added to planters. This technology was introduced in early 2019 and is available for farmers to purchase now.

“With this system, you can adjust the pressure, the width and depth of cut, to get your closing right in all conditions,” Baker explains.

Precision Planting’s newest product, a row cleaner called Reveal, was also on display at the farm show. This unique design is mounted directly to the row unit frame or row unit’s parallel linkage arm to mitigate its impact on row unit ride.

This after-market option is for sale to farmers now in a limited quantity.

360 Yield

The latest innovation, 360 Rain, from 360 Yield is designed to autonomously deliver crops water, nutrients, and fungicide.

360 Rain on display at Farm Progress Show
Photo credit: Natalina Sents

“We’re excited about the ability to bring water to every acre of your field, not just a center circle from a center pivot,” says product engineer Talon Sauder. “You can irrigate your crop 24/7 with no operator.”


Grasshopper showed off its newest FrontMount mower. Although it’s called a mower, when equipped with the proper implements, the Model 937 EFI can handle farm yard maintenance, including snow removal and leaf collection, year-round. Grasshopper’s factory representative, Lee Hall, highlighted the mower’s 14.4-gallon fuel capacity, fold-up deck for easy maintenance, and comfortable seat.

John Deere

John Deere showed off its latest equipment at the Farm Progress Show, too. Displays included the high-horsepower 2022 9RX. The 9 series family of tractors range from 390 to 640 hp. and are available in wheeled, two-track, or four-track machines.

Old John Deere self-propelled combine
Photo credit: Natalina Sents

Another section of Deere’s lot was dedicated to celebrating 75 years of manufacturing self-propelled combines. Show attendees marveled at the old and new combines alike.

New John Deere combine on display at Farm Progress Show
Photo credit: Natalina Sents

Case IH

The new Case-IH AFS Connect Optum series of tractors were on display at the farm show. This series includes two models, the Optum 270 and the Optum 300 and were introduced with row crop and high-volume hay producers in mind. The AFS Connect Optum tractors can be ordered now for 2022.

Case IH Optum tractor at Farm Progress Show
Photo credit: Natalina Sents


Kinze Manufacturing introduced the dual auger Harvest Commander 1121 at the farm show. This grain cart has an 1,100-bushel capacity and many features similar to farmers’ old favorite, the 1050 model.

New Kinze 1121 grain cart
Photo credit: Natalina Sents


Product experts at Kawasaki highlighted their top-of-the-line vehicle, the Mule Pro-FXT Ranch Edition Platinum UTV at Farm Progress Show. This machine converts from a six-person crew vehicle to three-person machine with an extended cargo box.

Kawasaki Mule at Farm Progress Show
Photo credit: Natalina Sents

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