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New Holland Unveils Latest Innovations for Hay and Forage Equipment

“Quality forage. There’s nothing more critical to the dairy producer’s bottom line, because what cows are fed determines the amount and quality of milk produced,” says Tony Resh, New Holland specialty product business manager.

To help producers achieve the best-quality forage possible, the company is introducing the FR920 Forage Cruiser self-propelled harvester. This machine features a powerful yet fuel-efficient engine designed to produce best-in-class chop quality and throughput. With 911 hp. and a 44% torque rise, the FR920 can power through the toughest spots.

Other features include a new high-performance DuraCracker feedroll module, which has industry-leading 34-inch-wide feed rolls. Available in three configurations, the module delivers uniform kernel cracking and outstanding processing performance to match the high throughput of the FR920. In addition, the hard-chromed rolls of the processors are the widest on the market at 29½ inches.

“The FR920 is packed with features that add up to great performance,” says Resh.

This machine is also equipped with the VariFlow system that allows you to switch from harvesting hay to harvesting corn in a matter of minutes – without tools. With this system, the accelerator also can be positioned closer to the cutterhead when the processor is removed so the crop mat is more efficiently transitioned from cutterhead to accelerator. The HydroLoc technology ensures constant chop length, independent of throughput. This delivers the premium forage that producers require to get the most out of their animals. 

“On top of that, serviceability is second to none, so you spend more time chopping and less time on maintenance,” continues Resh.

Tech Options 

The Cruisers can be equipped with Precision Land Management (PLM) technology as a factory-installed or dealer-installed option.

  • All new FR Forage Cruisers can be fitted with IntelliSteer, which is New Holland’s fully integrated auto-guidance system.
  • Corn headers can be equipped with row guidance to keep the harvester on course, even in poor visibility or at higher ground speeds.
  • The IntelliFill spout guidance system automates filling. This award-winning system can guide crop accurately into the forage box.
  • Real-time yield and moisture data can be collected. Forage Cruisers with yield and moisture systems can also be fitted with ActiveLoc, a feature that automatically varies the chopper’s length of cut based on the changing moisture content of the crop. The Evo NIR sensor from Dinamica Generale provides real-time moisture and nutrient parameters with accuracy within 2%, which is ideal when producing livestock feed.

With PLM Connect, all data can be quickly and easily shared remotely with a trusted third-party service like an agronomist or animal nutritionist without having to physically transfer and deliver it.

“By increasing an operation’s overall connectivity, data can reach its full potential by getting the right information to the right people to make the right decisions, without having to pull the USB drive and take it back and forth to the machine,” says Luke Zerby, New Holland PLM product marketing manager. “For example, harvest data that includes feed quality information as well as yield information could be used to calculate what percent of the daily ration the forage can make up so that it is either used by the next season or stretches out until the next harvest.”

Harvesting Quality Hay

“Once hay is cut, the race for quality is on,” says Jordan Milewski, New Holland crop cutting product marketing manager. “Metabolic and weathering losses can have a significant impact on crop quality, so whether making baleage or dry hay bales, the faster the crop can be cut and put up, the higher the feed value preserved.”

In tight harvesting windows, when crop quality is at its peak, MegaCutter triple disc mower-conditioners cut more than just hay. Cutting a 33-foot, 6-inch swath with every pass, which equates to about 40 acres cut per hour, this machine mows more acres in less time and with less fuel. 

The 510 and 531 plain triple mower models are ideal for silage making where conditioning is not always required, while the front-mounted MegaCutter 512 and rear-mounted 533 are best for contractors and silage makers who need to dry hay fast. Their extra-wide cut reduces mowing time and the conditioner, available in roll or flail, helps to dry hay faster and deliver higher value feed.

In addition, MegaCutter 533 is ISOBUS-compliant and is easy to operate from the IntelliView IV display. It also integrates Automatic Headland functions, which activate sequential raise to perform seamless turns.

Versatile Machines

“New Holland can equip any size dairy with material-handling equipment to scrape yards and move hay, feed, and other materials,” says Ryan Anderson, New Holland construction product marketing manager.

For big jobs, the new C245 Super Boom vertical lift compact track loader is the largest, most powerful ever offered by New Holland. This loader features a 90-hp. engine, a 4,500-pound rated operating capacity, and 9,200-pound breakout force. This machine’s patented boom is designed to reach up and out to dump cleanly into the center of spreaders, high-sided trucks, and hoppers. 

LM series large-frame telehandlers combine the vertical lift of a forklift, the strength and speed of a wheel loader, and the maneuverability of a skid steer – all in one versatile machine. 

“They’re a one-machine solution for moving massive amounts of material fast, including picking up, transporting, and stacking large bales. A bucket can be swapped quickly to handle other jobs,” says Justin Raski, marketing manager telehandlers and ag loaders. The new models are equipped with new fuel-efficient Tier 4B, 4-liter NEF engines.

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