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Produce Quality Forage With the Latest Products From New Holland

In humid and wet regions where hay drydown is a challenge, cow/calf producers are turning to baleage as a solution.
“The option to place hay baled at higher moisture in sealed storage provides more flexibility for hay crop storage,” says Curt Hoffman, New Holland crop packaging marketing manager.

To help haymakers save time, labor, and fuel costs, New Holland is equipping its Roll-Belt round baler with the Gowell Kombi bale wrapper. This gives producers the ability to bale and wrap in one pass.

And because bales don’t touch the ground until they are wrapped, there’s no contamination from soil. This decreases the chance of bad fermentation and spoilage that can impact weight gain and reproductive performance.

“When it comes to making dense bales, New Holland round balers can’t be beat,” adds Hoffman. “Making more compact bales reduces baling time as well as handling, wrapping, and transportation costs. Dense bales also weather better with less loss because of their ability to shed precipitation and resist absorbing moisture from the ground.”

The Value of Workmaster

For producers with an eye on value, the new Workmaster utility tractors provide unmatched comfort, simplicity, and visibility – all with a low cost of ownership, notes Justin Raski, New Holland utility tractor product marketing manager.

Ranging from 54 to 74 hp, the all-weather Workmaster 55, 65, and 75 utility tractors feature a four-post cab that protects you from the elements. Other notable elements, which you won’t find in other value cabs, include a Bluetooth radio and an instructor seat.

In addition, operations that require multiple direction changes are made easy thanks to the simple four-wheel drive, 12×12 power shuttle transmission. The emissions system requires no diesel exhaust fluid, no regeneration, and no bulky hood to block visibility. With a 600-hour service interval and 540 RPM PTO that runs at a low engine RPM, these machines conserve fuel and keep your operating costs low.

The Ideal Companion

Durable, simple, and convenient. Those three characteristics make the DuraDisc disc mowers the ideal companion to the Workmaster tractors.

“They’re the fast and effective way to cut hay crops, from grasses and legumes to dry hay and high-moisture hay,” says George Rigdon, New Holland mower product marketing manager.

These mowers deliver a clean, uniform cut. The QuickMax knives enable quick and easy knife changes to optimize cut quality and minimize downtime. And the quick hitch compatibility on mounted models simplifies transitioning from one job to the next.

Whether it’s a fragile legume or a grass, the Discbine 209 and the 210 disc mower-conditioners harvest a crop closely, cleanly and quickly and uniformly condition it, which aids in faster drydown to conserve more tonnage per acre.
Taking just seconds to change, the QuickMax knives on these machines offer a smooth, finished cut.

The QuickMax, along with the MowMax modular cutterbar and ShockPro hubs that protect the internal cutterbar are joined by a new feature – the advanced up-and-back flotation. This protects the disc mower as well as crop stubble. 

In order to speed drying of difficult-to-crimp grass crops, producers can choose from three options – the gentle conditioning of rubber chevron intermeshing rolls, steel chevron intermeshing rolls (for harvesting long-stem grasses and winter forage crops) or flail conditioning. Fitted with the latest safety curtains, new crop shields and transporting lighting offer additional safety features.

Ideal hay and chore tractor

“With its power, performance, and comfort, the T6.180 is an ideal hay and chore tractor,” says Michael Cornman, New Holland midrange tractor product marketing manager. 

This machine features a 125-PTO-hp. engine with 42% torque rise plus an additional boost with Engine Power Management. Designed for long work hours, the Horizon cab offers exceptional visibility and day-long comfort and productivity.

Also equipped with the T6.180 Auto Command, which is exclusive to New Holland, the T6.180 is the only six-cylinder tractor with a continuously variable transmission in its class. 

“It’s the perfect tractor for producers looking for excellent power-to-weight ratio and all-around performance where exact speeds are critical,” says Cornman. 

Partnered with a New Holland Roll-Belt round baler with IntelliBale, the baler can automatically stop the tractor when a bale is formed, eject the bale, and close the tailgate. The operator simply presses the shuttle button to move on to the next bale.

The new T6.180 Dynamic Command tractor features a three-range, eight-step, semi-powershift transmission, which is exclusive to New Holland for tractors up to 125 PTO HP. It provides 24 gears in forward and reverse.

“With eight gears in each of three working ranges, operators can shift ranges less frequently, and they don’t need to worry about losing torque while shifting gears,” says Cornman.

The Dynamic StartStop brake-to-clutch feature slows the tractor to a standstill simply by pressing the brake. Ground Speed Management, adjustable shuttle aggression, and IntelliShift are just a few of the extra features also included.

In addition, the T6.180 models are offered as IntelliSteer ready or IntelliSteer complete from the factory (FWD only). 

The T6 series and larger machines feature the full line of Precision Land Management (PLM) offerings including IntelliTurn. A new feature offered this fall, it will work in conjunction with the Headland Turn Sequence II (HTSII). What that means is as the tractor comes to the end of the field, it will go through the entire operation of adjusting speed and the implement while preparing for and making the turn automatically. It will then do the same in reverse as it engages the next guidance line. This will allow the operator to not only make each turn efficiently but focus more on the task at hand. 

These tractors also offer factory-fit PLM Connect, which is New Holland’s telematics, for increased connectivity and data sharing. Because the company understands the importance of accurate and timely data, it says it is committed to adding value through its API partnerships and customer-facing portals.

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