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Salford Introduces Large-Capacity Pull-Type Pneumatic Boom Applicator

The Valmar 9620 large-capacity pull-type pneumatic boom applicator is the biggest addition to Salford’s Valmar Air Boom product line. The Canadian company acquired Valmar in May 2015.

“Salford’s Valmar Air Boom line has earned a reputation for being accurate, reliable, and technologically sound. By adding precision technology and targeted application to this existing technology, we’ve created a product that allows producers to see a direct return on investment,” says Salford’s Valmar Customer Service Manager Jason Janzen.

The 9620 combines Salford’s Valmar Air Boom line and its BBI MagnaSpread line, which results in an applicator that has reliable, accurate metering, renowned air flow technology, heavy-duty, high-efficiency hydraulics, and a high capacity.

“The reduced waste and time saved through the use of precision technology and targeted application puts money directly in the pockets of producers. For those who prefer to use their tractor combined with pull-type applicators (as opposed to purchasing a floater), there’s an opportunity to save a significant amount of money. When you factor those savings, the 9620 quickly pays for itself,” says Salford Product Manager Brad Baker.

The 9620 features precision control technologies that ensure fast, accurate delivery, including:

  • A 660-cubic-foot hopper capacity covers at least 110 acres per hour with less downtime for fill-ups 
  • A 70-foot boom width to cover more acres in less time, with accuracy 
  • ISOBUS compatibility to follow prescription maps with left/right section control for maximum yields with minimal waste 
  • A micro hopper in each model with optional secondary metering for custom two-product blends 
  • Hydraulic booms for folding and manual height control 
  • A heavy-duty walking tandem axle

The MSRP on a base model 9620 is $159,955. Note that the base model includes ISOBUS controls for left/right section control but does not include cab display. It also includes the Digi-Star scale link ISOBUS scale kit (for ISOBUS displays).

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