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SF Editors Scheduled for Exclusive Look at John Deere Archives

Successful Farming editors Dave Mowitz and Natalina Sents will return to East Moline, Illinois, Monday for a second exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the John Deere archives.

The archives have never been opened to the public and are home to historic photos, rare product prototypes, and letters handwritten by John Deere himself. The company estimates it has at least 3 million photographs dating back as far as 1860. Six archivists work full-time to manage, digitize, and catalog the extensive historic collection.

During his first visit in January, Mowitz interviewed Neil Dahlstrom, manager of corporate archives and history for the company. In a Facebook live video from that trip, Dahlstom gave viewers a glimpse of the original John Deere NASCAR.

Later this summer, June 15-16, John Deere will celebrate its 100th anniversary in the tractor business with a large public event in Waterloo, Iowa. “It’s going to be a 100-year tractor show blowout,” Dahlstorm said in an earlier interview. Stay tuned for more Successful Farming coverage of the John Deere’s historic milestone.

When the Successful Farming team returns to the archives on Monday, they’ll be shooting for a television special scheduled to premiere March 29, 2018, on RFD-TV. Mowitz and Sents also plan to host another Facebook Live event Monday afternoon. To submit questions for John Deere the archivists, visit this post in the Discussion Forum.


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