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Smarter S700 Combines, Headers Introduced by John Deere

From front to back, John Deere’s 2018 S700 combines, as well as its new headers, feature the most advanced grain-harvesting technology. The series includes four models – S760, S770, S780, and S790 – and have been equipped with improved smart technology and operator comfort. 

These machines build on the proven performance of the S600 combines introduced in 2012 and include the latest in automated harvesting technology. A number of these improvements make it easier for you to make adjustments automatically on-the-go.

“These new S700 combines are a culmination of enhancements to our previous model that optimize and automate harvesting operations for coarse and small grains,” says Kevin Ripple, marketing manager for harvest at John Deere. “We’ve enhanced the overall intelligence of these combines by automating more adjustments and calibration tasks, and improved the lifetime durability and productivity of front-end equipment to create a high-performance harvesting solution unlike any other on the market today.”

Combine Advisor

In an effort to maximize the performance of the S700 combines, John Deere has developed the Combine Advisor package. This package incorporates seven technologies to help you set, optimize, and automate the combine to enhance harvesting performance based on crop and field conditions.

One of the functions within Combine Advisor, Auto Maintain is supported with ActiveVision cameras. “These cameras give you a view into the tailings and clean grain elevators via the display, and analyze the information to maintain optimal threshing performance based on operator-set targets,” Ripple explains.

Another feature, Active Yield technology, automatically calibrates the mass flow sensor. This saves time by eliminating the need for manual calibrations and ensures that the best data is collected.

Moving inside, one of the first things to catch your attention will be the new state-of-the-art CommandCenter. This system provides a uniform user experience across the company’s larger tractor and self-propelled sprayer lines, and it underscores customization and operator comfort.

Highlights of the CommandCenter include a Gen 4 interface and monitor with 4600 processor, CommandArm and multifunction control lever with greater ergonomic design and customizable buttons, premium activation with AutoTrac, RowSense and HarvestDoc, and Extended Monitor and mobile device features. Due to more intuitive harvest run and setup screens, setup and start-up are quicker and easier.

You can choose between leather or cloth seats that swivel 7½˚ left and 15˚ right for improved visibility. Seats also feature enhanced ventilation for greater comfort. From the seat, you’ll also notice added grain tank mirrors for improved visibility.

Corn head and platform

Along with the S700 combines, John Deere is introducing the 700C/FC (folding corn head) series corn heads with the RowMax row unit. This row unit provides up to a 50% increase in the life of the gathering chains and includes solid-alloy bushings that reduce pin and bushing wear. 

“We’ve also increased the life of the stalk rolls by up to 25% by utilizing a harder material and adding a new wear coating on the front and trailing edges of the blades for increased performance,” says Brittney Guidarelli, product manager for front- end equipment. “As a result, we’ve decreased the cost of operation by reducing how frequently wear parts need to be replaced. You will experience a savings of up to $20,000 over five years compared with previous models.”

The 700C corn heads are available in 6- to 18- row models and in 20-, 22- and 30-inch row widths. The StalkMaster stalk-chopping option is available on all models. Folding corn heads are available on 8- and 12-row units.

If you harvest high-moisture corn, there are several enhancements on the corn head to handle this crop, including an auger floor insert to ease crop handling and a lower auger height to minimize crop damage.

For small grains, Deere introduces the 700D Rigid Draper, which provides a 20% increase in capacity in tough harvesting conditions over its predecessor. The 700D features a top crop auger that’s 50% larger in diameter (now 18 inches) with heavy-duty drives, high-performance gauge wheels, and a center-section seal kit that reduces center-section grain losses by up to 45% in canola.
“The new S700 combines are ideal for producers who want to get the most out of their combine, regardless of operator experience or changing field conditions, with quick harvest setup and automatic on-the-go adjustments,” says Cyndee Smiley Dolan, division marketing manager. “The technology, control, and comfort features integrated into this new combine and heads make it the most effective and efficient grain-harvesting solution available.”
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