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Sukup enhances safety features on grain bin doors

In its continuous effort to make its products as safe and productive as possible, Sukup Manufacturing Company has introduced grain bin doors with enhanced safety features. The new hardware on the doors ensures inner panels are closed before the outer door closes correctly with both latches engaged. The patent pending design allows the new hardware to be mounted on either side of the door for added safety.

“Inadvertent grain spillage from your bin door can potentially cause death or injury,” says John Hanig, bin sales director, Sukup Manufacturing Company. “This new door design especially enhances safety by making sure the inner door panels are always closed when the outside door is closed.”

The inner panels of the company’s 44-inch and 66-inch-tall doors overlap, providing a stronger seal and structural support to grain bins. The catch for the outer door is mounted to the handles of the inner panels, meaning if the inner doors aren’t completely shut, you can’t latch the outer door. 

“Grain Bin Safety Week is the right time to share this new door design as a way to underline Sukup’s commitment to farm safety,” says Steve Sukup, president and CEO, Sukup Manufacturing Company. “Our goal is to manufacture the highest quality equipment that helps farmers be efficient and profitable, but also maintain safety as a top priority.”

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