Tractor Zoom Soars To 400 Auction Partners

Ag entrepreneur Kyle McMahon had an idea on how to connect farmers to auctions in an entirely new way.

His concept was to create an online marketing platform that would not only list upcoming auctions but also sort out all the equipment that participating auctions firms would be selling to make searching easier. A farmer could use the website or smartphone app to search for specific equipment they were interested in buying.

“Our research showed farmers were spending an average of 50-plus hours per year searching for farm equipment,” he explains. “It also revealed that auctioneers were spending approximately 75% of their advertising budgets on print, while 75% of their buyers were looking online. The major disconnect led to an inefficient marketplace.”

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McMahon believed in his idea so much that he created a company, Tractor Zoom (, November 1, 2017. A month after launching he had nearly 30 auction companies participating in Tractor Zoom.

That number quickly grew to 100 auction companies . . . and then 200 . . . and today Tractor Zoom announced they signed on their 400th auctioneer partner.

Tractor Zoom’s “freemium business model generates bidders and buyers from our audience of more than 220,000 farmers and equipment buyers,” points out McMahon, who also farms in southeast Iowa. “These 400 auction companies represent more than 50% of all farm equipment sold at auction in the United States.”

Another innovation being offered by Tractor Zoom is Iron Comps, an online and smartphone service that provides farm equipment valuations backed by auction market data. You can sign up for the Iron Comps app by going to

Users can access the website at, or by downloading a free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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