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Unverferth Offers Free Scale With Purchase of Select Tenders

If you’re looking to purchase a seed tender, Unverferth Manufacturing Co. Inc. is sweetening the deal by offering a free scale with the purchase of its in-stock model 2750, 3750, and 3750XL Seed Runner tenders.
Unverferth Seed Runner tender for bulk seed features dual compartments that not only deliver seed directly to the planter or drill, but its patented design also allows it to fill itself! The 3750 and 3750XL models have a capacity of 375 seed units; the 2750 model holds up to 275 seed units. All models feature a cupped and cleated conveyor belt for gentle unloading, a rollover tarp for protecting contents, and a heavy-duty undercarriage with lighting, reflective striping, and all-wheel brakes for added transport safety. 

In addition, the scale, which is valued at $3,175, gives producers the ability to verify the amount of seed purchased as well as delivered to the field. It also provides a convenient way to verify field trial yields at harvest.

The purchaser is responsible for scale shipment and installation.

The offer ends January 31, 2017. Learn more by contacting you local Unverferth dealer or by visiting

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