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Parents of #Plant18

Parenting is hard. And the stresses of planting season certainly don’t make it any easier. However, parents across North America are making the most of it and soaking up special memories with their children this season.

Crops aren’t the only things growing in the fields this spring. The imaginations and skills of farm kids all around the country are growing too as they watch and work with their family.

These kids will treasure memories of heading to the field in their pajamas for years to come.

Planting traditions last for generations.

It's all fun and games until something breaks.

It’s the little things now that become big things later on.

You’re never too old for a tractor ride with Mom or Dad.

Who knew having kids would come in so handy during planting season?

Sometimes kids are the best excuse to take a little break.

After all those years of making their lunch, sometimes they return the favor.

There’s no shortage of teaching opportunities during planting season.

The littlest farmers’ smiles keep everyone’s spirits up during the stressful times.

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