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USDA Extends ARC, PLC Selection Deadline

If you're stressing to meet next week's deadline for selecting the federal crop insurance program that's right for your farm, you have another week to breathe.

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack announced Friday that USDA is extending the deadline for reallocating base acres and selecting PLC or ARC for your farm by a week. The deadline is now Tuesday, April 7.

"This is an important decision for producers because these programs help farmers and ranchers protect their operations from unexpected changes in the marketplace," Vilsack said Friday, according to a USDA report. "Nearly 98% of owners have already updated their yield and base acres, and 90% of producers have enrolled in ARC or PLC. These numbers are strong, and continue to rise. This additional week will give producers a little more time to have those final conversations, review their data, visit their local Farm Service Agency offices, and make their decisions."

Friday's USDA report emphasizes that without selecting between the two programs, federal crop insurance for the 2014 crop year won't be made, and farmers will be defaulted to the PLC program automatically through 2018.

"If no changes are made to yield history or base acres by the deadline, the farm's current yield and base acres will be used. If a program choice of ARC or PLC is not made, there will be no 2014 crop year payments for the farm, and the farm will default to PLC coverage for the 2015 through 2018 crop years," according to USDA's Friday report. "Producers who have an appointment at their local FSA offices scheduled by April 7 will be able to make an election between ARC and PLC, even if their actual appointment is after April 7."

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