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Precision Planting Announces Precision Technology Institute

Precision Planting told farmers at its 2018 Winter Conference the company will open a 200-acre Precision Technology Institute (PTI) in Pontiac, Illinois. Agronomist Jason Webster will serve as director of the new facility and plans to plant the first crops in spring 2018.

“The establishment of the PTI in Pontiac will enhance research efforts and help demonstrate how precision agriculture can help farmers increase yields and ROI by ensuring the seeds they plant maintain their top-end yield potential at emergence, while keeping input costs to a minimum,” says general manager Brad Arnold.

Visitors will be able to tour agronomic trials and test-drive Precision Planting equipment. Webster says the company will recreate planting time all season long at the new farm so farmers can experience high-speed planting and other technology hands-on.

“Research work done on the farm will be fed into the mobile PTI semi-truck unit, which will continue to deliver agronomic education both on the permanent PTI site and at events across the farm belt,” Precision Planting explained in a statement.

Less than 100 miles from Chicago, Bloomington, and the Champaign/Urbana area, PTI will be easily accessed by farmers across the Corn Belt. A new hotel immediately next to the farm makes the location ideal for hosting out-of-town visitors.

This video will show you where the Precision Technology Institute is located.

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