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Q&A: Luke Bryan on Upcoming Farm Tour

Since 2009, Luke Bryan has hosted a Farm Tour to support America’s farmers. This year, the farm tour will cut through the Midwest with stops in Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. The tour kicks off tomorrow night in Lincoln, Nebraska.

For Bryan, this is a chance to get back to his roots. The country superstar was raised on a peanut farm in Leesburg, Georgia.

In addition to bringing awareness to farmers, Bryan also uses the tour to help send students from farm families to college. A portion of the profits go to this cause with 50 scholarships given away so far.

Recently, Successful Farming had a chance to connect with Bryan to learn more about the motivation behind the tour.

SF: Why did you decide to launch the tour back in 2009?

LB: We wanted an opportunity to play smaller towns that do not see major tours come through. That is how it was for me growing up, so I love being able to do this and give back at the same time.

SF: Why do you continue to do the tour 9 years later?

LB: We look forward to these shows because there is nothing like the energy of these crowds. It’s a fun night of music.

SF: How are the Farm Tour concerts different than your traditional tour concerts? Which do you like better?

LB: The farm tour shows are a little looser than our arena concerts. We don’t have the same stage and production, and we bring along different artists to perform. Both types of shows offer something different for the fans and us.

SF: Based on the tour and album, it seems safe to say you have a soft spot for farmers. Why is that?

LB: I grew up in a small community just like the ones we play on the farm tour. I understand the life of a farmer coming from that background. We hope that the farmers who allow us to set up and play in their fields enjoy these concerts as much as we do.

SF: Why did you decide to use some of the profits from the tour to give away college scholarships to students from farm families? 

LB: It was a natural choice to try to do something to give back to each town we visit. Maybe it lightens a bit of the burden of college tuition for the families. 

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