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SF Blog: Restoring a Wetlands

A portion of our 400-acre Iowa farm floods almost every year when nearby Middle River comes out of its banks. This flooding has become more frequent in the past decade. Changing weather patterns and farming practices upstream may be the cause. One of our neighbors blames runoff from new home construction around Des Moines.

Last year, the river came out of its banks after a 5-inch rain and flooded our farm in December – that is crazy timing. This spring, the land flooded after the corn was planted, so about half of the crop had to be replanted. You can see the lighter green corn in the drone photo, taken in July, to the right. By August, that late-planted section was yellow.

In May, we started the process to put the most flood-prone 200 acres in the Wetland Restoration part of the Continuous Conservation Reserve Program (CCRP). We are working with a conservationist to develop a required conservation plan for the ground. That plan will need to be approved before work on the wetlands begins. We hope to have the plan this month. 

Seeding work begins once the crop is harvested later this fall. I will document the process as we go along. It’s going to be interesting!


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