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A Life in Farming: The Next Chapter

Craig Buescher spent 30 years farming. He now works for an agriculture school raising money for the university.

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”
– Zig Ziglar

Craig Buescher has farmed for 30 years, but at age 65, he is just getting started. Having read books for years about the power of positive thinking, Buescher believes he’s in the prime of his life. 

After he graduated in 1973 from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln in Animal Science, he was fortunate to start farming in south-central Nebraska, just 5 miles from the farm he grew up on.

Starting with hogs but also tending crops, running a cow-calf operation, and then growing alfalfa for 20 years, Buescher and his wife, Marge, made a life in Deweese, raising four kids. The kids went off to college, then they started their own careers and families. None wanted to stay in farming.

Craig Buescher
It was the call of the grandkids that had Craig and Marge thinking of moving in 2008. Luck had it that a hired hand was just getting out of school and wanted to start farming. So Buescher made an arrangement to manage the farm from afar, and he let the hired man custom-farm the operation.

Then in 2015, an opportunity came out of the blue. Buescher, then age 64, was encouraged to apply for a vacancy in the University of Nebraska Foundation, raising money as director of development for the Institute of Agriculture & Natural Resources.

Always able to pick up a conversation with other farmers, Buescher wasn’t looking for a job; the job found him. “I give my dad credit,” Buescher says. “He was always one who could talk with anybody. He always said, ‘If you can converse with people, that will take you a long way in life.’ ” He says his dad took a Dale Carnegie course to gain those skills.

Today, Buescher calls on farmers and other potential donors to support agriculture and the mission of education. He connects with farmers. “I know quite a few people," he says. “I can relate to what they’re going through.

“I help them identify what they are passionate about. I have been through some of the same trials and tribulations; specifically, the grain and livestock markets,” he says.

After 30 years working the land, he has found a new way to adapt his skills. He was given a chance to start farming as a young man and has helped another young man do the same. Today, he helps other farmers think about their legacy and how they can “do something bigger than themselves.”

That’s a positive message in the next chapter of this successful farmer’s career in agriculture.

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