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SF Blog: Canada Plans to Grow Soybean Acres in a Big Way

Soy Canada says it could have 10 million soybean acres by 2027.

Corn and soybean acres are shifting across the globe. News reports show China is decreasing its corn acres in favor of soybeans. Canada is also growing its soybean acres – in a march toward 10 million acres of soybean production by 2027.

As noted in the September 2014 issue of Successful Farming magazine, business editor Dan Looker wrote about a trend that Canada is emerging as the new Corn Belt. Is it, really? At a recent symposium, Soy Canada, the leading soy association there, says that Canadian soybean acres will grow from the current 5.46 million acres to 10 million acres in 10 years.

The growth will come mostly in Western Canada, where estimates indicate acres will grow from 1.9 million today to 6 million acres in 2027.

Where will that soybean crop go? It looks like a majority of the production will be exported – with China as a primary destination. About half of the 2 million tonnes of soybeans produced today goes to China.

The protein levels are still not where American soybeans are at, but the industry in Canada is aiming to raise those levels, as well, according to Jim Everson, the executive director at Soy Canada.

As acres shift around the globe, American farmers will surely be watching – at home and abroad.


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