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FarmHer: Just Say ‘No, Thank You’

When you want to decline an invitation or request, an explanation isn’t needed.

I have often told people that my FarmHer journey has been a series of not saying “no” even when saying “yes” meant I was likely outside of my comfort zone. Part of this progression is definitely due to the fact that I struggle with saying no. I always have.

When it comes to my FarmHer business, I don’t want to turn down an opportunity to spread the message. On a personal level, I don’t want to miss the chance to be involved in the next school event. Either way, it’s hard for me to say no. 

Often, when I muster the courage to actually decline an invitation or opportunity, I feel bad about it or question if I made the right decision. I feel like I need to give a reason for my answer. The fact that this is a trend for me is apparent if you look at my overly full calendar. 

Recently, though, I’ve really been working on right-sizing my calendar, and I’ve learned from an unexpected source that sometimes just a simple “no” will do. I have noticed my 7-year-old son declining things with a, “No, thank you,” a smile, and no further explanation. 

This isn’t the toddler “NO!” or him being stubborn, but rather a very clear statement of his intentions. When situations come up that he doesn’t feel comfortable with or if he just doesn’t want to do something, this is how he responds. 

The interesting part for me has been other peoples’ reactions to his, “No, thank you.” They haven’t tried to persuade him further or keep talking about their request. He doesn’t appear to feel bad about his answer or worry that he is missing out. His simple response ends the conversation in a clear and direct way. 

I’m going to follow my son’s lead, and I encourage you to do the same. Let’s remember that sometimes the answer can be, “No, thank you.” 

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