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Load Up Your Mental Health Tool Belt

Gather mental health tools and keep them handy for tough times ahead.

We started out our year at FarmHer with a plan to focus more on mental health. For us, that means telling more of the stories that are difficult to tell: the stories of struggle or loss­­ – you know, the ugly stuff.  

Here we are, over halfway through our year of telling the stories and elevating the discussion. I believe this is helpful, but it leaves me wondering, “What else is there?”

We recently had a discussion with Sara Coen, a licensed mental health therapist, on the Shining Bright by FarmHer podcast. She consistently brought up the mental health tool belt, which holds the things you can easily carry with you and use to help you through your day.  

The idea is that this tool belt can help you through tough times and keep you away from the breaking point. 

One of the best things I took away from that discussion was to take the time to stop and BREATHE. It’s free, it’s easy, and it works. 

Seriously, stop reading right now and take 10 deep, slow, and long breaths in and out. Then take a quick assessment of how you felt before and after. Taking the time to mindfully breathe is a great addition to everyone’s tool belt.  

Another simple idea is to take a short walk outside. Stretch your legs and feel the sunshine or wind on your face. It’s easy and it works. 

For more tool belt ideas, check out Season 2, Episode 21 of the Shining Bright by FarmHer podcast. Find it on your favorite podcasting app or at 

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