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SF Blog: Filming the Successful Farming Show’s Holiday Special

Christmas comes early for the hosts of the Successful Farming Show each year. By early, I mean that we deck the halls in October. 

My family has never been particularly great about putting together holiday cards ahead of time, but I always knew about the families who shot their holiday card portraits months in advance. That always seemed like a lot of preparation to me until I was asked to help with the Successful Farming Show’s holiday special this year. 

When the calendar flipped to October, our whole team shifted into high gear looking for gifts for farmers and their families. Host and machinery guru Dave Mowitz had tools covered, Laurie Bedord took on the technology she’s so knowledgable about, and Jessie Scott and I were thrown the rest. 

Virtually, we went on a shopping spree and had a blast gathering gifts.

We did our best to think like farmers and gather gifts for everyone in the family. We covered women, men, kids, and families, in general.

Jessie collected great new apparel options to keep you warm. Together, we picked out a variety of other fun gifts ranging from bags to campfire accessories and from books to custom farm/ranch signs. As for budgeting, we tried to provide more affordable stocking stuffers as well as items that were more of an investment.  


Most episodes of the Successful Farming Show are shot on location. Shooting in the studio is a luxury that involves great sound quality, comfortable temperatures, monitors that let hosts see themselves while shooting, and multiple teleprompters — much different than sweating in a field of crops, fighting mosquitoes, and pausing between takes to wait for a semi to pass so the sound doesn’t pick up in the mic. 

As an on-screen amateur, sitting under the bright studio lights in my Successful Farming polo was nerve-racking. What made it better, though, was reading from the teleprompter for the first time with the show’s host, Dave, sitting next to me. Dave, who refers to Laurie, Jessie, and myself as "the talent" has a habit of making crazy faces and comments right before the cameras start rolling, which made me feel much more relaxed — or at least more giggly. 

For Jessie and my segment, we went without the teleprompter. I can only imagine how entertaining it will be to watch me expel so much energy just trying to remember the product details and value. 

Check out this slideshow of pictures, prices, and product information for the gifts that Jessie and I picked out. To see all of the gifts from the show, check out this gift guide. If you’re curious as to how I did on camera for the first time, turn on RFD-TV on December 8 at 9/8c!

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