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Sweet Dreams Are Made of Snow

It’s been said the best and sweetest things in life are free. I have a closet full of cowboy boots and denim, a prized hydraulic hay rake, and a cab tractor to pull it with that beg to differ.  Even so, recent snowfalls have taken my long over-capacity memory bank back to a time and a tradition that reminded me how sweet free can really be.

As a kid growing up in central North Carolina, there were few days of the school year any more exciting than days missed because of snow.  If we saw one or two good snows a year, we saw more than most. In the South, snow isn’t just a novelty; a mere dusting has the potential to paralyze a town. All lack of nutrition and driving sense are lost. Bread and milk go scarce, while people wreck left and right trying to get it. I’m proud of my southern heritage for many reasons, although this is not one.

Putting our otherwise lack of snow-sense aside, there is one memory of my southern-rooted snow days that always brings a smile – and a tradition now bringing smiles to my own children. As soon as the weather forecast says the white stuff is coming, the two words ringing loud in our home after the obligatory “Yay!” are “Snow Cream!”

When I recently shared our obsession with this sweet treat online, I was amazed to learn how many people have never shared in this tastiness. I’m not saying all snow is safe to eat, but with a little common sense (yellow snow – NO; clean snow – GO), and the addition of sugar, milk, and vanilla, you’ve got all of the ingredients for a bowl full of happy.

Maybe snow doesn’t bring the same smiles for you. I get it. There’s always the aftermath, and next week I’ll be cursing the mud left in its wake as we feed cattle. But as long as there is enough snow to make another batch of cream, we’ll enjoy the here and now, saving these sweet memories as comfort food for thought later. No matter what our best memories are, the fact that they are always available and always free deems them priceless. Where I’m from, there’s no cream like snow cream.

Hi! I’m Meredith, a perfectly imperfect farm wife and mama to two who found myself on a farm and continues to find myself through this life I've come to love. I'd be so happy to connect with you and hear more of your story. Find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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